Photo Gallery

  • 2015 – Start of the Blog, looking for land
  • 2016 – Taking the LHBA class, buying land, cutting trees, peeling logs, making a model
  • 2017 – Laying out foundation, building forms, pouring foundation, installing lifting poles, stacking logs
  • 2018 – More stacking, cap logs, RPSL’s, making rafters, installing RP, rafters, levelling roof, girder log, replacing a wall log
  • 2019 – roof decking, insulation, shingling, 2nd floor joists delivered, pressure washing
  • 2020 – gutters, staining, vapor barrier, subfloor, making door/window frames, making doors, closing in gables, making 2nd floor brackets, installing joists
  • 2021 – leveling 2nd floor joists, installing 2nd floor, 2nd floor windows, insulation, exterior chinking, brick hearth, restoring wood stove, installing chimney pipe, start framing, start stairs
  • 2022 – Making stairs, electrical, plumbing,
  • 2023

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