We took a little break from stacking…

RPSL’s, GSL’s, Girder Logs For the un-initiated, RPSL’s are Ridge Pole Support Logs. They are the vertical logs that hold up the ridge pole; while the ridge pole is the log that holds up the roof- it’s the highest log in the whole house, and according to Skip (founder of LHBA), it should be the longest, straightest, most righteous log you have. A GSL is the Girder Support Log- it holds up the Girder Log that holds up the joists for the second floor. The GSL goes through the middle of your house, perpendicular to the ridge pole. You can … Continue reading We took a little break from stacking…

Stuff Breaks

Since the beginning of this project, stuff has been breaking: Logs are too heavy, I do dumb things, money is tight, I have another job, etc. My whole life, I’ve been working in jobs where I see areas that need improvement- more efficient methods, outdated standards, etc, and every new job I get, I try to implement changes that are more efficient. I guess my whole life has been one of “process improvement”: I had this old Nissan Sentra my grandma sold me for $1.00. It had been through several cousins as a starter car. Finally came to me. One … Continue reading Stuff Breaks

Borating logs A.K.A. Killing the little…critters… that are eating our house

I cooked up another batch of Borate solution last night. In the West, where I’m originally from, bugs exist, but they take a while to do their damage. I remember years ago, I got some western red cedar logs from a relative. I was going to make a bed out of them (still am- just don’t have the shop space to do it – but that’s a long story). I brought them home and set them on the patio. A few weeks later, I noticed the strangest bug on the side of the house- it was a beetle that I’d … Continue reading Borating logs A.K.A. Killing the little…critters… that are eating our house

8/5/16: Odds & Ends

Moved the first log since the accident It was a moving experience. Ok, bad pun. I decided My wife decided (and I was able to test her theory and prove her correct)- with the finger out of sorts, I couldn’t move logs with a chain, so I focused the last twelve days on moving branches and making brush piles. Twelve trees, twelve days for brush piles- it takes me an entire day to clear branches. With the branches out of the way, I was finally ready to move some trees. It had been a month since the accident. I broke … Continue reading 8/5/16: Odds & Ends