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Cutting the first tree in March 2016, one month after taking the http://www.lhba.com class in Las Vegas.
  • All the blog posts are here.
  • My wife and I are building a log home from trees we cut on our own property. We’ve done about 97% of it ourselves (we hired a crane to set the 10,000 lb Ridge Pole).
  • We are doing it debt-free, and are saving where we can by making our own doors, door / window frames / stairs / etc.
  • I started this blog so I could share with my family where I’m at on my log home build.
  • About me: I’m just a regular guy from Alabama, wanting to live the simple life with my wife and kids. God, faith, freedom, and no debt.
  • For LHBA members, here’s the log_catalog_calculator (Updated 4/20/17)
  • Here’s the design for a log arch to fit a 41″ wide military trailer: logarch (about $100 in materials).
  • I use librecad for drafting.
  • And I use Lubuntu as my computer operating system.
  • There’s also a “tools and techniques” for anyone crazy enough to try what I’m doing.
  • Here’s a calculator-wood_floor
  • Log Cabin Decision Tree: to help you decide whether you should buy or build your own.

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