Found some land:

We found some land. We’ve been looking seriously for about 3 months. We’ve both changed our minds several times. I wanted 5 acres or more, Julie wanted 0.5 acres or more, but thought 5 acres was too big. We started off looking for houses, but with all the problems we’ve seen with the ones we liked (mold, location, high power lines going over the yard, and of course, the ones that are way out of our price range), Julie finally messaged me one day:


So, the journey began. I had been studying the “how” of building a log home ever since I bought my first big piece of land in Idaho- about 15 years ago. We talked about doing it here, but it just didn’t seem possible. Then, this message.

The pursuit of land. Requirements were: close to Huntsville, more than 0.5 acres, hopefully with water, power, sewer or septic, and under $25,000. It was harder than it looked- we found bowl shaped property, rocky hillsides, brambles, swamps- but nothing we just loved. Then I found a piece of land with a house on it- 2 acres and a house for $27,000. Was the house burned down? We went to look. Nope. House was fine, with someone living there, apparently. The area was great- close to Hampton Cove, good schools, walking trails, a Walmart within 5 minutes. Then a lady pulled up next to us- “whatch’yall doin’ here?”  Seems there had been a lot of theft in the area, and she was checking us out. RED FLAG!  Also, the Realtor said the house wasn’t for sale, it was the 2 acres behind it (but the listing says….!) Darn. We went up the road a little further and found our current pick. Complete with  a slightly nosy neighbor, but no thefts. Surrounded by trees, driveway already built, good schools, still 5 minutes from Walmart (maybe 6, now, but still). Google map image:


It’s the cleared out area, plus about 20 feet into the trees on all sides.



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