2016 February 20: Transformative

Class is over. Boy, that was rough- waiting in line in Vegas to get off the plane, then another line to get on the shuttle, another one to get on the bus that takes you to the rental car place, where you get to wait in a line to get your rental car, and finally, a line to leave the parking lot in your car. How I love to travel….:) (my wife says if you put a smiley face on your stuff, then people know you’re friendly). The class was amazing, fast paced, and chock full of advice from Ellsworth … Continue reading 2016 February 20: Transformative

2016 February 12: Flying towards the future, or….?

Las Vegas is about an hour away at this point. I left home at 3:30 this morning to catch a flight in Nashville on Southwest. Spent a lot of time talking to Julie, and discussing this class tomorrow. We haven’t been apart like this for a long time, and she is really stressed out about me being gone. Seems like we haven’t had the life we thought we would- we’ve both been divorced, got kids that don’t always give us joy, I haven’t been able to make enough money to get us very far ahead, and when I do get … Continue reading 2016 February 12: Flying towards the future, or….?

2016 February 09: Land sale fell through

At this point, it doesn’t look like we’ll get this one. The pickings are pretty slim, because we’re too picky: >1 acre, county schools, but still within 20 minutes of my job in town, <$24,000 with septic, or <$20,000 without septic, flat, non-flooded, and owner financing. A few of those requirements could budge, but not by much. He was asking $28k, we offered $24k, he countered with $26k…..and then we got cold feet (and we don’t know why, but we are going to go with it): the payments would be about $242/month for 10 years at 6% interest.  We both … Continue reading 2016 February 09: Land sale fell through

2016 January 31: Looking at more land

We are just too picky. We want a mostly flat piece of land, bigger than one acre, within 30 minutes drive time of my job, but outside the city (so we can have animals), and under $30,000, or, if no septic system, under $24,000. We’ve looked at land with one-half acre of flat land, and 5+ acres of cliffs; another one where it was the bottom of the road for all water runoff (complete with a sinkhole full of couches, fence parts, and a broken down riding lawnmower thrown in for fun), land where no neighbors could agree on who … Continue reading 2016 January 31: Looking at more land

Walk towards the Light

A little crazy this week. We made an offer on the land, and they wouldn’t budge on the price. The other realtor was claiming that there is a septic system on the property. Wha??? It wasn’t disclosed on the MLS info. I called the county health department, but since there are no utilities, and never have been, there is no address. She gave me the address of the property on that road (there are only 4) that had a septic system installed recently. I ended up having to drive out there to verify. This is a big deal. Our payments … Continue reading Walk towards the Light