Adventures with Cars

After I got the roof done, I promised I was going to take a break and fix some of the car issues I’ve been putting off….Just didn’t think it would be a whole month…. July 23, 2019: I’ve been driving this Honda for about 4 years now. It’s a 1990’s civic that I got for $400 from my wife’s ex. I found a motor for it for $400 and put it in. But it burned oil I guess and the indicator light was broken, so I killed that motor. Put another motor in it. This time, very careful with checking … Continue reading Adventures with Cars

A tribute to one of my biggest fans

  James Nelton Maples, 87, passed away on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at Huntsville Hospital, here in Alabama, after a battle with pneumonia and intestinal cancer. He was a husband, father, veteran, and friend. This is the second really good friend I’ve lost to cancer. It is a devastating blow. I met Nelton after my tractor had a slow leak in a tire back in April, 2016. I was still dragging logs out of the woods – hadn’t even started my foundation. I had met his children, and they kept saying, “you ought to talk to Dad- he’d love what … Continue reading A tribute to one of my biggest fans

I’m back on WordPress…

Hi everyone- I thought I had made my last post and was moving over to my other blog on google-owned Blogger. But with all the censorship over gun videos on YouTube (owned by Google, and they also own Blogger- where my new blog was going to be)  –  I’ve changed my mind again. I’ll explain… The problem is that I have principles that I support – like freedom of speech- that are being attacked by the sites that host my videos and the other blog. They are now refusing to allow videos that show how guns are made and how … Continue reading I’m back on WordPress…

2016 May 05: My Grandpa

We are all products of our parents and grandparents physically; but I think we also carry within us some of their dreams, desires, fears, and abilities. Peeling logs gives me a lot of time to reflect on how I got to this point, so I’m taking a look back at where I came from. One of the largest influences on my life was my grandfather Charlie Hill, so I’ll start with him. My grandparents house was huge- it had three levels and was kind of on a hill. You parked in the driveway, went up some stairs to the front … Continue reading 2016 May 05: My Grandpa

2016 May 05: A “certified log home builder”

That means I took a class from the Log Home Builders Association (LHBA), and in so doing joined a worldwide network of thousands of other like-minded folks in various stages of building their log homes. We follow state and local building codes, volunteer labor to help each other out, share deals and sometimes tools to get the job done. But mostly, we get together on our private discussion boards and talk about….private log home builder stuff. Ok, we tell jokes, swap stories about the time Ed fell off the roof, or “remember when”. We also believe in each other. I’ve … Continue reading 2016 May 05: A “certified log home builder”

2016 February 08: My friend died a year ago today

I got a call last year on a Thursday from Cindy- she was asking if I could come help her take care of Ken on Saturday, who was in the final stages of colon cancer. He needed to be lifted and moved every few hours to help him with the pain, and she wasn’t strong enough to do it. It had been a long 6 months for her and him and their family. By that Saturday, he was gone. I got a call from Cindy saying I didn’t need to come over anymore. The family wanted to be alone, and … Continue reading 2016 February 08: My friend died a year ago today

2016 January 01: More on the Log Home Philosophy

Log home owners are a different breed. Mavericks, square heads, stubborn, romantic, dreamers. A look back in history at the log home: according to Wikipedia, the first log homes were built in 3500 B.C., although Scandinavia is the traditional home of log buildings.  As Scandinavians and other Europeans migrated to North America, they brought the traditions with them. The peak of complexity was reached with the Adirondack style. Each region of the country had its own tweaks, depending on what kind of wood was available, and the skill of the builder.  Abraham Lincoln is probably the most famous log home … Continue reading 2016 January 01: More on the Log Home Philosophy

2015 December 22: The owner-built Log Home Philosophy

This post should have been first, but the anvil was hot on the other topics. Reading through them, though, I realize I haven’t even discussed my philosophy. Why am I so interested in a log home? Why not a brick home or a traditional frame home? Why not a stone house? How about straw-bale, cinder-block, timber frame, trailer (hey- they are cheap, if nothing else)? And why not just buy a traditional home that someone else built and save myself the trouble? I think it boils down to a few things: 1. Finances Most Americans’ financial path looks something like … Continue reading 2015 December 22: The owner-built Log Home Philosophy