All windows are in!

It doesn’t seem like much has changed, but not having the windows in was preventing me from “weatherizing” the cabin. With the windows in, I know where to put the insulation, nails, and chinking. We can also think about permanent walls.

The final four frames. I made 4×12’s for the second floor.

I used 8″ x 1/2″ lag screws – two on each corner – to hold the frames together. Some folks suggested putting the frames together in the window holes – one board at a time, but doing it my way ensures the integrity of the frame, and makes it so much stronger to hold the logs in place. More info below…

Pulleys make life a breeze.

The first floor windows are made with 4×16 lumber that I milled from a tree – they were easy to install because I could just hang the pulleys from anywhere. The second floor was more challenging – nowhere to hang the pulleys. So I just used winch straps:

The problem child

The last window was the problem child. I had so many problems getting it installed – my chainsaw needs a tune up, I kept breaking sawzall blades, and this particular corner of the house is very close to a rafter. I was afraid if I notched the top log too much, the rafter would just fall down. I built up a temporary support structure with a 4×4 and a 2×6 block just in case. Then I took my time cutting the top and bottom of the hole so the frame would be snug in the gap – this way, the window frame can support the rafter if needed. And with 4×12 frames, I’m not worried about the frame crushing the window. It ended up that the notched log didn’t even bow – it’s almost 4 inches thick – even without the frame in place. The rafter didn’t move at all. Whew.

Nice tight hole – at least on the top and bottom.
It fits!

Next steps

I have run out of excuses for not weatherizing the house now- need to insulate and chink. It sucks, but needs to be done. Happily, even though it is now 400 degrees outside, I finished the South outer wall when it was 60-70 degrees a month or so ago. The West wall can be done on the weekends in the morning while it’s shady; the East wall can be done in the evenings during the week. North wall – meh. Whenever.

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