The way things are going

I haven’t updated in a few weeks – mostly because there’s not just “one thing” to write about. How about a mishmash post, then?

2nd floor

The second floor continues to progress, slowly. The price of lumber isn’t helping. I think I initially bought 50 boards – 2×6 T&G pine, and they were about $21 each. That’s all I could afford at the time, and it was enough to cover the kitchen and part of the hallway upstairs. I saved my money, and then called to buy some more, and the price had jumped to $29 each in just a few weeks. I think I only need about 20 more.

Along with installing the boards, I stuffed another 4×12 beam above the laundry area. One of the problems with a custom log home is all the customization. In my last post, I discussed cutting a channel in a log to insert the floor into. As that log progresses along the wall, it gets smaller, and about halfway through the house, it falls below a line that is level with the floor. The floor boards just go into space, with no support for about 20 inches after the last beam, so I installed one more 4×12 beam there, and chinked the gap. On the opposite wall, I’m dealing with the butt (the fat end of the log). Luckily, the floor boards line up with the log all the way to the back wall. Here’s a video.

Windows and frames

The upper logs are smaller than the lower ones, so 4×16 window frames didn’t make sense. Plus, they are very heavy. I have a few trees I cut down in the last few months, so I made some 4×12 lumber for window frames. They are still too heavy, but I managed to install one anyway:

Couldn’t hang a pulley to install this – nothing above it to hang from, so I used winch straps and a ramp. Note the boards in front of the 1st floor window – didn’t want the cut logs to smash it if they went sideways.

Then I installed the first upstairs window:

2nd floor window – first of five.

We finally sat down and decided exactly how we want the second floor to look. We may leave it as a loft so we can move in, but eventually, we’d like some bedrooms up there. I don’t want to break out chinking at that point to install windows to meet code, so we’ll install them now.


With the window installed upstairs, we can now finish chinking the outside front of the house.

Ready to insulate and chink!

After a long 6 weeks of freezing temps (at least at night), it warmed up suddenly. To the point that I’m afraid of chinking the South sun-facing side of the house in 100 degree weather very soon. I do not want to be up on a ladder chinking the hot side of the house, so I’m pulling off of other jobs to get this done. It is not fun, but it looks really cool when it’s done. And I’m only chinking the outside of the house, for now.

Board and Batten (rear)

Larry from the LHBA group is looking to buy some land in Tennessee. He’s been itching to get his hands dirty on a build, so we’ve talked over the last few weeks trying to get our schedules in line, and they finally lined up yesterday (3/13/21). He let me pick the job where the most help was needed – and it is the board and batten on the rear of the house. On the front of the house, I climbed the scaffolding, measured the area, went back down to cut the board, then hauled it back up to install it. I repeated this about 30-40 times.

With Larry on the ground, I just called down the measurements. He cut the boards, then tied them onto my rope, and I installed them. Very fast. Even faster because while he was cutting, I was installing, so there was less down time. We got all the hardest (longest) boards placed yesterday, and he wants to do it again. Fine by me! Thanks, Larry!

Pretty happy we got this part done – very difficult cuts around that Ridge Pole.


I think it’s going to come together quickly. Yes, chinking is time consuming, but at least I’m moving along, right? I don’t know what’s next – I’d like to get all the stuff above complete. Probably framing the inside will happen soon.

I love this picture.

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