2nd floor Tongue and Groove – edge detail

A custom log home is complicated.

Area above kitchen – too narrow for another beam next to the wall.

When we designed the floor plan, we wanted it open between the kitchen and the living area. The only obstacle will be a wood stove and an island. To add a sense of separation between the living and the dining area, we wanted a 2nd floor beam to be the dividing line. Our plans say the 4×12 second floor beams should be spaced 24 inches apart. Normally, you would start at the wall and measure 24″ all the way across, but because the beam acts as a divider between rooms, we set that beam first, and then measured 24″ to each wall. This meant that near the walls, we had a “smaller than 24 inch space” to work with – we could either:

a) attach a beam to the log wall to support the 12″ – 20″ unsupported floor overhang, or

b) use the wall log as a floor support

Solution (a) meant we’d have support right up to the wall, but we’d still need to cut the floor to match the wall log. Solution (b) meant cutting a notch in the log so the T&G could be inserted and supported by the log wall, but we wouldn’t need the extra beam. Both options are time consuming. (b) is probably the most time consuming but gives the best results, in my opinion.

We opted for solution (b). The space between the last beam and the wall is less than 12″ in some places, and as much as 20″ in others. My chainsaw is too big to fit in there, and it’s too heavy to make fine cuts, so I bought a router and made some spacers that I nail around where I want to make a channel in the log. Then route the channel until it’s about 3/4″ deep.

Guides nailed above and below channel, board just needs a little support (only sticks out about 12″ here).
From below.
A few boards in place. Trim router in front.

Anyway, the boards aren’t nailed in yet, so this is just test fitting. I have to decide how far into the living room I want the 2nd floor to jut out, so I’ll lay them out over that area first, then work my way backwards into this corner above the kitchen.

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