I’m back on WordPress…

Just finished peeling the very last wall log! Yay!

Hi everyone- I thought I had made my last post and was moving over to my other blog on google-owned Blogger. But with all the censorship over gun videos on YouTube (owned by Google, and they also own Blogger- where my new blog was going to be)  –  I’ve changed my mind again. I’ll explain…

The problem is that I have principles that I support – like freedom of speech- that are being attacked by the sites that host my videos and the other blog. They are now refusing to allow videos that show how guns are made and how to reload ammo. You may think guns are evil. That’s ok. But should they censor that content? Be careful- something you believe in may be censored eventually. I understand censoring child sex trafficking videos. I don’t understand infringing on the right to keep and bear arms by an American company.  Remember, they didn’t become so fabulously wealthy by opening their doors for business in some other country — they became fabulously wealthy here, in the U.S.A.. They live, do business in, and benefit from a country that protects their right to free speech and association.  And now they want to pay back the citizens of this great nation by censoring law-abiding individuals they disagree with? It’s like they are fighting against their own mother.  It’s un-American. Who does that?

The question for me is: should I allow YouTube, who is busily engaged in censoring “speech” that it doesn’t agree with, to make money off of my videos? They aren’t coming after me, so why should I care? Maybe they will. Maybe staying out of debt will eventually become hate speech.  I made a mistake, I think, in going over there to the dark side of blogging. I apologize. I didn’t think it had gotten this bad.

So I’m back to WordPress. If you like what you see, sign up to receive emails every time I post.

Progress of the build


Last weekend, I got the tractor stuck in the mud trying to move the 8,500 lb ridgepole, followed by getting the Landcruiser stuck in the mud to pull the tractor out. I called the neighbor who brought his loader over and pulled both of them out. Later the same day, Julie got some great video of me spinning my wheels again while we put up log #47. In the video, the log got stuck between two logs after it broke the 2×4 that was supposed to prevent it- a very frustrating situation.


Today, I got my Honda Civic running again. My theory on what broke it: the crank position sensor got fried, causing the injectors to flood the engine with gas, washing the oil out of the cylinders, and causing complete compression loss. After replacing parts and letting two tablespoons of oil soak in the engine overnight, it sputtered back to life. Later, we went to an Easter Egg hunt in Hartselle:


After the Easter Egg hunt, we decided to take the long way home and drove by the cabin. I finished pinning some logs, and then we decided to go ahead and put #48 up there, but didn’t pin it. We need to rotate it and pin it.  Julie counted the logs we have left and did some measurements- We are pretty sure we need 56 logs to complete the walls- fourteen layers. With #48 up, we have two layers or eight logs left.



10 thoughts on “I’m back on WordPress…

    1. Yes, I bought the LHBA plans. I think it turned out to be around $900 after the discounts- I got all 3 house plans, the different foundation styles, the garage and the shed plans. For non-member info- before the class, I looked at buying log home plans off the internet- it is not a good deal. They can be as cheap as $400, but the plans remain under the copyright of the designer, and you are only allowed to build one home. And they may not be engineered for Butt&Pass methods. LHBA plans allow you multiple builds. You have access to a licensed structural engineer for free- I’ve talked with him, and he helped my local engineer with some calculations specific to my home for free (that right there was about $800 worth of engineering that I got for free as a LHBA member). The local engineer could have charged me a bunch, but he did it as a favor- super nice guy. They also send the CAD files on CD – I converted them to DXF files so I could use them on my Linux computer.

      Back to Russell’s question- I took the LHBA plans, and using my Linux software “librecad” removed the interior walls, but left the roof, foundation, exterior walls, and all the structural layout (joists, girder, RPSL’s, etc). Then I redrew the interior walls that my wife and I designed on paper. Once I figured out how to use librecad, editing the plans wasn’t so hard. We were required to submit plans to the city to get approval for our building permit. They don’t know it, but our plans have changed a little- while stacking the 3rd or 4th layer, we had a log that was way too crooked, so we “added” a back door on the house- we cut the crooked log at the new “doorway” so we could make it fit. I have yet to add that door to the plans, but it’ll be an “oops” and we’ll have to beg for forgiveness.

      The great thing about a LHBA home is that the exterior walls and the RPSL’s are the only part of the home that hold up the roof. In a regular home, many times the interior walls actually hold up the roof or the upstairs floor and cannot be moved (see just about any episode of Skip and Joanne Gains- they are always talking about a “header wall”- that means the wall holds up the roof or a floor). You can’t move these types of walls. In a Butt&Pass log home all the interior walls can be configured however you want.


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