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Two years ago, I attended a class in Las Vegas, Nevada, taught by Ellsworth, son of Skip Ellsworth, founder of the Log Home Builders Association.

Soon after taking the 2 day class, my wife and I bought some land, and started cutting trees in preparation for building our log home.  Yes, they really can teach you everything you need to know to build a log home in 2 days, and they’ve taught thousands of people over the past 50 years how to get out of debt, gain more financial independence, and pursue their own version of freedom. Most people know the method Ellsworth taught by its common name, the “Butt and Pass” method.

untitledWe spent about a year cutting trees, drawing up plans, burning brush piles, and breaking lots of equipment along the way. I learned how to use an AutoCad program to modify my plans. I took the stock plans, and, using the computer, deleted all the interior walls, but left the structure intact, and after 30 or so iterations of the plan on paper, I re-drew and submitted our plan to the city and utilities for approval. Once the plans were approved, I applied for utilities, and we began digging a foundation.

20170412_182827_zpstlj2py88I learned how to survey a building site from my neighbor, a retired surveyor (and retired from a lot of other professions as well). I built plywood forms to hold the concrete. My wife and kids all came to help the day we poured concrete.

Using the traditional method as taught by Skip, and with a lot of help from the guys at church, we installed lifting poles and block and tackle, and laid our first log on June 15, 2017.


More logs followed, and we are now about 4 courses (16 logs) away from reaching the finished wall height of 20 feet. At that height, we’ll be ready to install the Ridge Pole Support Logs (RPSL’s), and Girder log (GSL), and finally, the Ridge Pole itself- the largest, heaviest log, and also the highest log- at the peak of the roof line, 30 feet high.

While I like the format of WordPress, I’ve noticed a lot of formatting and code restrictions that are somewhat frustrating. As my blog grows and we finish building our log home, we will move into other areas of interest- gardening, building the garage, bees, chickens, woodworking- and I want to get into discussing old fashioned methods and tools. My wife has also posted some beautiful instructional videos regarding her passion- sewing- on our Youtube channel. Once we move into the log home, I’m sure we’ll continue the journey of independence. I am also slowly moving the original posts on this blog over to the new one.

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