On the edge of change

I keep bending the forks I love this tractor, but I also realize it is 50 years old. I’ve now replaced or fixed: the steering column at least half a dozen hitch pins or linch pins- they pop out or fall out. a flat tire ignition switch – fixing this also fixed the charging and oil light from coming on all the time. light switch But now I would like some rear lights- I was hoping for some red ones so I can “legally” drive on the road that have removable red covers so I can use them as rear … Continue reading On the edge of change

Our model

How we made our model We made a model of our future log home out of strips of brown paper bag rolled into “tapered logs”. We had talked about it since I took the class. They actually recommend it during the class, and I had been pushing my wife to let me create one, but dowels are $2.50 for a four foot length, and we’d need about 15-20 of them for just the walls, plus some for the rafters, so $60 for a model didn’t seem practical. Loghousenut even mentioned it in a comment to me- people are willing to … Continue reading Our model