More of the same…

Basically, the past month has been like this: buy gas and oil for chainsaw, sharpen chainsaw, cut trees, move branches, drag logs, use trailer to drag heavy logs, put logs on racks, peel logs, borate logs, repeat.


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On the LHBA forum, others are using their Suburbans and other vehicles to move logs. I thought, our Landcruiser can probably do the same thing, so I gave it a try. Didn’t work at all.


notice the strap snapping away from the log…

I’ve been making room on racks one and two to make room for new logs. But I ran out of room, so I had to sacrifice more logs to make racks 3 & 4. I hate sacrificing logs that I soaked clothes and bent forks to get up on racks. It’s a lot of work to just put a log on the ground. And the sacrificial logs have to be huge to be “rack logs”, which means I need usually two smaller logs to replace each rack log. Oh well. It’s all work, and it all needs to be done.

Over fall break, my wife came up with an idea to get the teenagers out to help: she invited them to come out and peel, and afterwards, promised to take them out to dinner. Yeah, we know who’s working, and who’s just bothering the dog….

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