2016 April 28: Why does the Number of Logs needed keep changing?

….Because I’m also designing the house (based on plans I bought) at the same time. I was looking back at my posts, and it keeps changing, so I’ll try to clear up the confusion.

We know we want 40’x40′ square with two stories. But the more I thought about two bedrooms upstairs that were each going to be 20 feet long- those are huge bedrooms. Kids are getting older- we don’t want to make them too comfortable: we want them to move out eventually. Then I had this brilliant idea to put closets at the end of the hall upstairs on both sides of the house. I mentioned it to Julie, and she said, “Yeah, I thought you would figure that out.” Always one step ahead of me.  Yeah.

To keep pace, I took it a step further- now that we don’t need a full nine foot high ceiling right at the wall- because with the two closets on each side where the roof slopes, we can make a “knee-wall” that is only, say, four feet tall. Now our log walls can be 10+4 = 14 feet tall instead of 20 feet tall. So I recalculated the wall height, and instead of 68 to maybe 84 logs for the walls, I might only need 48 to 54 logs for the walls.

Calculating wall height is just a matter of adding the two ends together- big end of log + little end of log = 2 rows or one set of logs. Or thinking of it another way:  take the height of your desired wall  height in feet, convert it inches, then divide it by whatever the average diameter of your logs is, times two – and then times four (because you need four walls….), that’s how many logs you need for the walls:


So to answer the real question of why the number of logs needed keeps changing- the answer is because I’m continually getting new logs (which is changing the average diameter and thus the number of logs I’ll need to build the walls- yes, I have a spreadsheet that is keeping track of my logs every time I cut one), and I’m also changing the design of the home as I go. I’ll eventually have to settle on a number of logs that I’ll need, but I’m not there yet.

May 13, 2016 update: here’s an updated copy of the spreadsheet I’m using for my calculations: log_catalog_calculator

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