2016 March 19: Reality sets in (but still determined)

I remain strangely hopeful. Worked all afternoon trying to drag a log I cut down yesterday. After an hour of pulling, I was able to drag it 15 feet. So, what are my options?

  • Buy a tractor:

This is more complicated than it looks. I’d need a trailer. And a truck to pull the trailer. Then I have to take the tractor with me whenever I’m not there, or risk having it stolen.

  • Hire a bulldozer:

I might have to do this anyway to remove the stumps. The dozer could push the trees down, but then I have to pay him to move them around. And then I have to move them again when I’m ready to stack them, so I still need a solution at that point.

  • Get a bigger truck

I might have to do this anyway, but a few friends think it’s possible to move a 3,000 pound log with just a little truck.

I called my mechanical engineer, Ellery. He said he moved a 6 ton log one time with a Pathfinder and a tool from the Army, but he didn’t know what it was called. But he said the main problem is making sure you don’t drag the nose of the log into the dirt, and doing that requires choking up on the tow chain so the angle from the truck to the log is as “acute” as possible. Doing it this way ensures any time the log gets horizontal motion, it also is inclined to get vertical motion as well. I told my wife, and she said, “of course, that’s what I thought you were doing anyway.” Common sense isn’t really that common, I guess.

The Army tool is called a “log arch”, and you can make your own with an axle and a welder. You’ve got to get the log cinched up off the ground as high as possible. Then it should be able to drag the log easier.


Tomorrow, back at it with a tractor jack, long poles, a shovel, chain, pulleys, etc.


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