2016 March 18: Exhilaration

Exhilaration. That’s the feeling. maybe “liberation” fits as well. I bought a chainsaw last night, and a bunch of safety stuff. Then, after work, Julie and I drove out to the property with a picnic dinner, picked out a tree, gave it a hug, and cut it down. I measured the usable portion before it split- it’s 39 1/2 feet. Big enough (I think) for a 35×35 log home. I started cutting off branches, but we only had an hour, so I couldn’t pull all of them off, which meant I couldn’t try dragging the log anywhere. But I did try out my spud a little. Maybe I can cut two trees a night if I had time. But we have to remove the stumps if we cut any on the neighbor’s property, and get a bulldozer to fill in the holes. We need to move quick because that land is for sale.

I also need a place to keep the logs covered until I can use them. And keep them off the ground. And burn the slash and the stumps. I need to get going on the foundation, which means I need a building permit, which means I need power and water (which is about $5,000).

Ahh, the expense of it all. But that tree was at least 22 inches on the bottom, and about 10 inches at the top. I need to look up my notes on taper. So much to think about! But here’s some photos to look at:

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