2016 March 14: Loose ends

There’s a lot of loose ends right now- let me summarize what’s going on:  we close on our land this afternoon. It’s the same piece of land we decided not to buy two weeks before I went to the class. We thought we had a really bad feeling about it after we decided to sleep on it. So we backed out. I went to class (which was just transformative, by the way), came home, and continued to look for other property. There was nothing. And that piece we got cold feet on kept coming back to my mind. I brought it up to Julie, and she said she’d been thinking about it, too. She asked if I wanted to call the Realtor and see if it was still available. I said I wanted to see the Lord’s hand in it- and not just force it to be my way.

I finally prayed about it a few nights later, and basically said, “Lord, if you’re behind this, please let me know- I’m too dumb to know for myself, and need you to tell me. Forgive me if I’m asking for a sign.”

The next day, I got to work, and saw an email from the realtor:


I take it as a positive confirmation from the Lord. The owner wouldn’t go any lower on the price, and the land is still far from town (30 minute drive to work). But we haven’t found anything better, cheaper, or flatter. And the location is actually really good- close to the school, the river, etc.  And we really feel a lot better about it (spiritually). So we’re going to just suck it up and pay what he wants.  He went to hip surgery two weeks ago, but we have a signed contract, so it’s a done deal.

The other loose ends – I had this Honda Civic I bought from my wife’s ex last summer that he said he couldn’t find an engine for. I found an engine for it in Chattanooga, and put it in. Then I got sick before I could finish. I think I had pneumonia, but I don’t really believe in doctors (I told my wife the only way I go to the hospital is horizontally). Anyway, I got sick around Thanksgiving, and didn’t really recover till February. I didn’t feel like crawling around on the wet ground being sick all winter. Then my friend Ellery said my truck sounded bad, so I had him diagnose it- needs new head gasket- two dead cylinders.  Which means I needed a car to drive while I fix the truck- and that usually means borrowing a car from my in-laws while I work on my truck, but….

On top of all that, I play in this Jazz / Swing band with my in-laws and my brother-in-law. Let’s just say I know my way around a Bari sax when it comes to Jazz. But there had been too much family drama going on, so I decided I was going to quit so I could focus on the cabin. So in the middle of quitting the band, the lead singer for the band comes over to my house, and I told him I’m planning on building a log home, so I was going to have to drop out of band sooner or later anyway. He was surprised and excited about that – which is weird- most of our friends are like, “you can’t do that” – which is why nobody knows about our plans yet-  but also because he already has a bunch of tools- like a sawmill, for instance, that he wanted to let me borrow. He also wants to help with the build- he did his own addition years ago- got his contractor license and everything.  That was surprising. Maybe I was supposed to quit the band so him and me could talk? I don’t know. But also with buying the land,  we going to be doing a lot of driving, so I need a car with awesome gas mileage.

That’s all that’s been going on in the last month, and we start a new chapter tomorrow- as landowners.


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Just a regular guy from Utah, now living in Alabama, involved in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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