2016 February 12: Flying towards the future, or….?


Las Vegas is about an hour away at this point. I left home at 3:30 this morning to catch a flight in Nashville on Southwest.

Spent a lot of time talking to Julie, and discussing this class tomorrow. We haven’t been apart like this for a long time, and she is really stressed out about me being gone. Seems like we haven’t had the life we thought we would- we’ve both been divorced, got kids that don’t always give us joy, I haven’t been able to make enough money to get us very far ahead, and when I do get more money, somehow Uncle Sam seems to get a hold of the extra. And we’ve tried. So after a very heartfelt prayer from Julie for my safe return, I went to bed last night.

The info from the class and all the members I’ve talked to indicate that, indeed, 2 days is all they need to teach us everything we need to know to build a log home. The closer I get to the class, the more doubts I’m having. But, I’ve also seen testimonials from class members who didn’t know anything about construction, who now have photos and stories of very nice homes. And I’ve spent years researching other methods, and this is the best method I’ve seen. The class is also the cheapest, and it’s coupled with info on doing it debt free.

It’s quite a claim. Build a home with cash on hand by yourself with mostly hand tools- and out of trees that you harvest yourself, and without a license, do site preparation, plumbing, foundation, electrical, HVAC, finishing, etc. And probably make all your own lumber, your own flooring, maybe even doors and cabinets with your own sawmill, your own forms for the footings, etc. And do all of this to code. Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. We imagine ourselves saying to people that see the finished product, “yeah, we built this,” and they’ll say, “oh, who was your builder?”, and we’ll say, “we were.”

So we’re going to hang our hopes for a change in our situation on the outcome of this class. I’m hoping that the info and materials are going to be so inspiring that it will carry us through to a finished product.


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