Floor plan

The log home builders association recommends a square log home. They sell plans for $1700 that are engineered and ready to go. But we don’t like doing things the easy way, so we’d like to draw our own. I haven’t gone to the class yet, and they might say something that will change my mind- and that’s ok- but for now, we drew up these plans using “sweet home 3D” (open source, of course):

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We each started with our own plan, and then revised them several times. Then, we looked at both together and decided which elements to include from both into one plan. My wife is so creative and practical! A lot of the credit goes to her. But in the end, she liked my plan the best (it’s really OUR plan because she had so much input- I just laid out where the bedrooms and bathrooms would go).

It appears that an aggressive building schedule (most every night after work and weekends – not including Sunday – got to worship the ultimate Creator!) means the shell will take about a year. The finish work will take another year using the same schedule. So, two years of (very hard) work gets us a mortgage-free home!

Still need to get software that will produce elevations, but we’ve got time. I’ve heard it takes about 3 months to peel the logs…..

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