Floor plan

The log home builders association recommends a square log home. They sell plans for $1700 that are engineered and ready to go. But we don’t like doing things the easy way, so we’d like to draw our own. I haven’t gone to the class yet, and they might say something that will change my mind- and that’s ok- but for now, we drew up these plans using “sweet home 3D” (open source, of course): We each started with our own plan, and then revised them several times. Then, we looked at both together and decided which elements to include from … Continue reading Floor plan

Cost analysis

I got bored while looking for land, so I priced out all the materials I could think of that I will need to build this log home. I went to HomeDepot online, and just looked there for everything. I’m sure that I can get stuff cheaper if I keep my eyes open- for example, I saw an ad recently on Craigslist for 3/4″ OSB for $7.00/sheet. The cost is very surprising. Assuming I can get the logs for free (I found a Craigslist ad for a guy that wants someone to come take 50 mature trees out of his yard), … Continue reading Cost analysis