2015 December 22: The owner-built Log Home Philosophy

This post should have been first, but the anvil was hot on the other topics. Reading through them, though, I realize I haven’t even discussed my philosophy. Why am I so interested in a log home? Why not a brick home or a traditional frame home? Why not a stone house? How about straw-bale, cinder-block, timber frame, trailer (hey- they are cheap, if nothing else)? And why not just buy a traditional home that someone else built and save myself the trouble? I think it boils down to a few things: 1. Finances Most Americans’ financial path looks something like … Continue reading 2015 December 22: The owner-built Log Home Philosophy


We’re going to need a sawmill. Pricing out the cost of lumber for the flooring and the interior of the roof shows me that the lumber alone would cost about $11,000 by itself. If I can get a sawmill for $3-4,000, that saves me about $7,000. Plus, if I get the logs for free or nearly free, it’s quite an investment. Besides, what man out there does not want a sawmill? Even if you don’t know anything about carpentry or woodwork (or, like me, have never even used a sawmill before), having a sawmill just sitting in your garage says, … Continue reading Sawmills

Floor plan

The log home builders association recommends a square log home. They sell plans for $1700 that are engineered and ready to go. But we don’t like doing things the easy way, so we’d like to draw our own. I haven’t gone to the class yet, and they might say something that will change my mind- and that’s ok- but for now, we drew up these plans using “sweet home 3D” (open source, of course): We each started with our own plan, and then revised them several times. Then, we looked at both together and decided which elements to include from … Continue reading Floor plan

Cost analysis

I got bored while looking for land, so I priced out all the materials I could think of that I will need to build this log home. I went to HomeDepot online, and just looked there for everything. I’m sure that I can get stuff cheaper if I keep my eyes open- for example, I saw an ad recently on Craigslist for 3/4″ OSB for $7.00/sheet. The cost is very surprising. Assuming I can get the logs for free (I found a Craigslist ad for a guy that wants someone to come take 50 mature trees out of his yard), … Continue reading Cost analysis

Walk towards the Light

A little crazy this week. We made an offer on the land, and they wouldn’t budge on the price. The other realtor was claiming that there is a septic system on the property. Wha??? It wasn’t disclosed on the MLS info. I called the county health department, but since there are no utilities, and never have been, there is no address. She gave me the address of the property on that road (there are only 4) that had a septic system installed recently. I ended up having to drive out there to verify. This is a big deal. Our payments … Continue reading Walk towards the Light